Finding Humor

In (Dis)Honor of Hot Dogs

I thought I saw somewhere that today is National Hot Dog Day.  As it turns out, that is actually not the case.  I did learn, however, that July is National Hot Dog month.  Cool.  Ok, I hate hot dogs.  I just don’t think they’re that tasty.  They look weird.  They smell funny and I have vivid memories of my dear Grandmother boiling ‘weiners’ for dinner whenever we went to visit.  And from a nutritional standpoint, I’m pretty sure you can easily guess where I stand.

Nonetheless, I know that many people love their dogs.  In fact, says that during hot dog season (apparently between Memorial Day and Labor Day) 818 hot dogs are eaten every second.  And on the Fourth of July alone, Americans eat 150 million dogs…which is enough to stretch from coast to coast 5 times.  It’s strange but despite their popularity it seems that a lot of people are a bit hesitant to find out exactly where it is that their hot dogs come from.  I wonder why…

Therefore, in honor of National Hot Dog Month, I think it only appropriate to provide a little source of objective info about the hot dog making process, along with some excellent, though purely subjective material.  But hey, everyone’s got to have an opinion about something, right?  I am, after all, a firm believer that you should be well acquainted with the food you are eating.  So, a few videos I will include below, aggregated in decreasing order of neutrality.  As with anything, there are a few things mentioned that you should probably just take with a grain of salt, but whatever.  So when it comes to those schmackhaft wienerwursts, let your conscience be your guide.  And just remember, you are what you eat!  Ha!  Just kidding…but only a little bit.

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